Summer Camp 2020; ART (TEEN PHOTO) (WEEK 1)

This event is no longer on sale.

Monday June 01

9:00 AM  –  3:00 PM

Teens will explore the art of image making through multiple photographic techniques, in this Online Photo Camp!

This course will utilize both independent study, as well as online methods of learning.

Each camper will receive an “Art Box” at the beginning of the week with all the supplies and tools they will need for an exciting, fun-filled week of film exploration. Campers will watch instructional videos, utilize independent photo walk-abouts to apply their knowledge, participate in photo scavenger hunts, use “time traveling” techniques to delve deeper into the history of the art of photography and take part in daily zoom meetings with their peers and instructor to further expand on their lesson and provide artistic critiques of their work. Each camper will create their own images that will be turned into the instructor at the Morean at the end of the week to be processed, printed and scanned.

“Art Box” will include:

Pinhole Cameras, One time Use Ilford B&W Cameras, Nature Print Sun Sensitive Paper, Cyanotype Notecard kits, and more!